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Aiming for a stronger and healthier life!

Are you dreaming of better fitness or a stronger and more functional body? Would you like more energy for everyday challenges or sports performance? Want to find new fun and effective ways to move and get results? Would you like to eat healthier without counting calories and wondering what you are not allowed to eat?

In the midst of a hectic everyday life, exercising and healthy eating should be simple and effortless.

At Strength & Movement Personal Trainer Helsinki, we plan your workouts and diet around your lifestyle and goals, instead of asking you to plan your life around the gym.

With the guidance of a personal trainer, you get versatile and effective training programs with demo videos, that you can implement at home, in the gym or even in a hotel room. The training focuses on functional training with minimal equipment such as bodyweight training, kettlebells, free weights and gymnastic rings. We will find training methods that work for you, so that you can reach your short-term and long-term goals.

With diet analysis and guidance, I help you create flexible, sustainable, and healthy eating habits that improve your performance and increase your well-being, as well as fit your lifestyle.

If your schedules are challenging, Online Personal Training is a flexible and affordable way to train with the support of a personal trainer whenever and wherever you want. With online coaching, you get all the benefits of in person coaching, at a fraction of the price.

Tracking your workouts, habits, and results with the mobile app ensures you stay in the right direction through your lifestyle change!

We give you support and tools to help you achieve your goals!

Contact us to arrange a free consultation call, find the best coaching package for you and start training!